United Democratic Party UK



Past Vision for our Locality (Wantage)


We had wanted to contest the Wantage & Didcot election in the last elction (2015) but needed help to deliver leaflets  around the constituency. (the 2019 election was not viable either)


3 of us distributed leaflets to about 2,500 homes from Wallingford at one end of the constituency to Faringdon at the other end with Wantage & Didcot somewhere in the middle. The leaflets said who we were and highlighted our main policies and beliefs. They directed  people to our website for more information and asked them to join us with an appeal for help in their area. We had a negligable response!

Our aim in the election ( a die-hard Conservative seat with Ed Vaisey its MP ) was to retain our deposit and get sufficient votes as a launch pad to gain publicity and consider further contests in the future. We needed at least 8 to 10 of us to make a decent campaign.

Our strategic mistake was to try to build up national support without first making sure we had a good local base. This has led to rethinking our strategy.

Consider the case of Henley-on-Thames.  Henley, (traditionally a die-hard Conservative area), built up a residence group and managed to get a majority elected as local councillors. They even were able to nominate the local mayor. If other towns across the country did likewise and the UDP were their link party to give them greater combined influence it could gradually become a national party whose purpose was to create greater local democracy. This would tie in perfectly with the UDP initial ambition. We now think it was a mistake to try to build up support nationally without a sufficiently strong local support base. It's a shame this idea didn't materialise a bit earlier but it may have needed Henley's example to crystalise our thinking!