United Democratic Party UK



vision 2

Below is a suggestion of core beliefs that all UDP candidates could agree to in principle if they are to stand in such local elections.

Could you be one?


1.To accept people of all classes as equals before the law and as individuals, even though contributing in different ways to a single British society.

2. To work together as a nation of peoples to secure a safe and prosperous country.

3.To promote a form of Government that will reduce the following:-

(a) The size of Government Bureaucracy.

(b) The number of laws imposed on its citizens.

(c) The size and cost of the welfare state.

(d) The  burden of taxes on its citizens, commerce and industry.

4. To support a democratic system of referendums to allow:-

(a) Voting for all major new Laws and Reforms created by Central Government.

(b) Voting for a major local plan, reducing the control of  Central Government on District Councils and creating genuine local democracy.

5. To advocate that all parties agree to long term plans for health, education, transport and energy.

6. To support British industries, so we are able to make our own trains, ships, planes and power stations in order to reduce our national debt, create fuller employment and reduce our dependency on others.

7. To  promote a fairer society that operates on individual responsibility and common sense rather than governmental social manipulation. To develop a system where all are encouraged to fully support themselves, thereby creating affordable  help for those unable to do so.

8.Extra local & national initiatives can be added if it ties in with basic beliefs.