United Democratic Party UK



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1. It is a UDP’s central tenant that the British people are capable of prospering without too much government interference. There will be a thorough overall of the laws passed during the last 30 years to see if these laws affecting business, people and their activities create an unnecessary burden requiring repeal of some of them.

There will be a strong emphasis on allowing business to flourish and provide the wealth necessary to support its people.

There will be an equal emphasis that all people of a working age should be in work and able to find it so that they can support their family and country. The government will fully support business and industries in training a sufficient workforce to meet its needs.


2. The UDP holds to the belief that neither state monopolies nor private industries on their own  

offer the total solution to meeting the countries needs.

It accepts that to provide necessary services profit may not be always achievable and may need the support of public finances.

The UDP will do all it can to rebuild the infrastructure and industries lost in recent years. There will be a greater emphasis on the nation’s self sufficiency in terms of energy, transport and food.

If we are looking abroad to meet these needs we will be asking first why are these needs not being met at home. The UDP will not pursue an isolationist policy but expects to hold its own with its trading partners.


The UDP sees these and similar strategies as part of the solution to reducing and eventually eliminating the countries deficit and debt which is clearly not being controlled by the main parties. The Labour party has been substantially the cause of it and the Conservative seem unable to reduce it.

The UDP accepts that unless this problem is robustly addressed, the nation will be crippled by debt interest.


3. The UDP will reduce the impact of the compensation culture. As Institutions such as the NHS are directly funded by the public purse, it will control this upward spiralling cost. This will safeguard and ensure that basic care is not compromised or curtailed by the threat of litigation. It will accept that any activity in which human skill and judgement are needed will end in some mistakes being made. The UDP will establish a non-blame culture where failures create safer protocols. Not adhering to these will naturally evoke disciplinary procedures.