United Democratic Party UK



Policies (5)


The UDP will give greater support to farmers and the rural community and create a more robust food security system. There will be a policy to control the minimum price of some basic commodities and the relationship between supermarkets and suppliers.



The UDP will do all it can to support and protect cultural heritage such as playing fields & parks, pubs, outdoor national parks, conservation areas, industrial heritage sites. The government's obsession with house building and virtually abandoning any planning regulations has put much of the above under great threat. This situation has been caused by unbridled immigration. No successful country could expect to survive such huge demographic changes. There may well be economic advantages to large firms to have a pool of cheap labour. However, those countries in the past such as the Americas, Australia and Tibet  have been invaded by large scale immigration at the great detriment of the indigenous peoples.

We need to control our borders. A country needs to be economically viable with the population within its borders. Needing to forever import cheap labour undermines the improvement of a country's poorer population.


19. None of our policies are written in stone and we expect them to change in the light of society changes and experience. We are always open to debate on policies.