United Democratic Party UK



Policies 4


13.  The UDP will do all it can to maintain the British Union with Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The History of England and the British Empire cannot be told without the inclusion of the vital part played by these countries. We are an integral part of their history and they of ours. The breaking of the union would be a substantial loss.


14. There will be a cessation of government resources promoting multi-culturalism. Some cultural groups within Britain do not support our Democratic way of life and are intent on undermining it. No culture stands still but it is not the purpose of government to manipulate social reforms and enforce them onto its citizens. It should promote responsible behaviour and respect for all its citizens and assume a level of commonsense to overcome integrational problems. People generally find rapid change stressful and the UDP will try to control demographic changes to be within the ability of a country to respond to these changes. Previous governments have not been sensitive to its indigenous population in promoting its ideologies.


15. The UDP will support a meritocratic society with equality of opportunity rather than outcome.


16. The gulf between rich and poor continues to widen despite the financial crash. The wealth gained by the richest has been based on greater national and individual debt with banks being able to take greater risks and obtain greater profits with deregulation of the money markets. The UDP will control banks and businesses sufficiently that wealth is divided more fairly throughout society. We do not oppose in principal the idea that individual enterprise should bring prosperity.