United Democratic Party UK



Policies (3)



8. The UDP will not allow unbridled development of the countryside especially where it imposes on traditional green belt, arable land and areas of outstanding natural beauty. The local plan will only be passed with a referendum of those living within its jurisdiction. It will plan to develop and support lost industries in the northern areas of Britain and encourage a regeneration of housing in areas of neglect.


9. The UDP will strive to strike the correct balance between protection of individuals rights and the ability of the state to safeguard the interest of society at large. There will be an assumed right to the freedom of speech and freedom of the press.


10. The UDP will pursue a foreign policy it can afford. Emphasis will be given to the security provided by the armed forces both at home and abroad in order to cover any commitment to overseas dependencies. The UDP accepts that there has been insufficient cause for Britain to become involved in some of the conflicts of the recent past.


11.  The environment is a cause for concern both at home and abroad. The threat to the environment is virtually all man made. Much could be done here to reduce this impact by a larger industry of recycling rather than exporting our problems elsewhere. New green technologies will be piloted by public sector buildings so that subsidies of the past are not wasted on private enterprises. The environment is likely to be one of the greatest challenges of the future.


12.  More offshore fishing conservation areas will be designated than at present. This will attempt to offset the environmental damage caused by industrial fishing and help replenish fish stocks. Greater emphasis will be placed on small scale local fishing fleets to protect the wealth of beautiful coastline that Britain has.