United Democratic Party UK




4. The UDP accepts that sufficient Health and Safety procedures must be adhered to so as to ensure the safety of people in the workplace, especially those areas of a dangerous nature.

The application of these principles outside the working environment will be questioned if it unreasonably curtails the public’s normal activities. Those working in the Police, Fire Service, Ambulance and Armed Forces will need to deliver the relevant response for the public without safety procedures unnecessarily preventing them carrying out  the duties expected.


5. The UDP accepts the rights of workers to belong to a union and have the final sanction of withdrawal of labour. However, the future emphasis would be on management working with unions to produce a more profitable business which then enables improved benefits for both employer and employee. It will need to be demonstrated that all avenues have been pursued before industrial action is taken. The spread of multi-nationals and their drive for ever cheaper labour forces may require some governmental intervention.


6.The UDP will pursue an energy policy that develops and takes advantage of technological advances in cleaner energy production. However, the cost of any advances will not be expected to be borne solely by the public at large and any energy policy will need to take into account what is realistic and achievable without putting Britain at a disadvantage against other national producers. Security of energy supplies will need to be part of that formula.



7. The UDP will look at the education developments of the last 50 yrs to asses whether the state is providing an education system able to compete with the best of the private sector. The UDP will reduce the emphasis on performance statistics and encourage teachers to develop their own expertise in teaching specialist subjects.