United Democratic Party UK




Manifesto {purposely kept brief}


The UDP is not intended to be similar the other main parties,

but a new way of political thinking.

It sees Britain stuck in a system of parties based on class,

and that many ot today's problems are the result of such a system.

It sees itself neither as a Right, Left or Centre Party,

but a party without class-based dogma or ideology.

It is essentially a pragmatic party that assumes most people want to pursue safe, prosperous lives.

It is a highly democratic party, breaking with the tradition that a political elite know what is best for the public.

It will adopt up to date referendums to obtain majority support for all major new legislation.

Local referendums will give democratic control to local communities and break the hold that central government has on local authorities.

It assumes the British public, given sufficient information, are quite capable of knowing what is in their best interest.


It will adopt the necessary financial and industrial policies to allow Britain to pay its way in the world

It believes in a socially cooperative approach to problem solving in order to improve competitiveness

It will reduce Government size locally and nationally and curb unnecessary organisations and bodies.

It will reduce the number of unnecessary laws we are subjected to, reviewing the validity of those created in recent years.

It will attempt to reduce crime by giving police a clearer mandate as to where their responsibilities lie.

It will  implement a legal system which prioritises the countriies needs before international ones. It will ensure that all laws are gender neutral and that an allegation of a crime does not shift the burden of proof on to the defendant.

It will limit damages to institutions paid for by the public purse so as to safeguard essential services.

It will emphasise peoples' common sense and willingness to work together so as to counter the political correct attitudes which have stifled initiative and curtailed peoples' freedom.

It will promote technologies that deliver cleaner energy, whilst accepting reasonable cost limitations and building security of supplies into the formula.

It believes in progress by merit with equality of opportunity not outcome.



These and other policies are expanded in the parties aims and objectives.