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Your Help



Political party membership is at an all time low and organisations like the RSPB have more members than the Cons, Lab, and Lib.Dem. put together. Given the lack of democracy that exists between the parties and their members it's perhaps not surprising. The problem is not so much that the disenfranchised population is apathetic but they have lost faith that the main parties represent them.


We really do need a strong grass roots membership base to help form policy and to influence others.  If membership is not for you but you are prepared to be a UDP supporter, then please contact us via the link on the membership page and we will either post or email you suggestions of how you can help.

Immediate Help   (1) Email a friend(s) and pass on our website address.

                          (2) Put a small ad in a local shop window with our web address on it.  

                                     (Please send bill to headquarters.)

                         (3)  Buy 'Laying a Ghost to Rest' (see membership page), send or give it to

                               someone who might join.

                         (4) Any other ideas? Publicity is essential for future growth.

If you have other abilities and contacts that could be of assistance to the party please do contact us. The UDP is a newish party full of ideas to transform Britain. However, it is only with the support of people like you will these ideas become a reality.