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 'Man was born free, and is everywhere in chains'

-such are the words of Rousseau in his book The Social Contract.

All men are created equal and most would believe in the equality of men and women at least in the eyes of the law.


But if men and women are equally good and bad why is our prision population more than 95% men? Why is it that at all ages, from young boys to old men, males in Britain are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than females?


Is there a problem with our society, institutions and judicial system?

Are our traditional laws being gradually eroded and changed by feminist pressure groups?

If men and women are both psychologically as well as physically different then surely laws must be fair to both sexes and not biased against one sex.


Feminist deny biological differences in order to stop men acting naturally. By using propaganda they aim to gain control of society. Transgenderism is a crack appearing in the system. Hopefully it will go the same way as Communism.