United Democratic Party UK



Aims cont.



The 'United' part of the name is to reflect the parties determination that the interests of the United Kingdom’s public will be paramount in the government’s dealings both at home and abroad. The party is a wide encompassing party and any British National will be expected to support and contribute to the prosperity of the nation and for that purpose they will be seen as citizens irrespective of previous backgrounds, religion or gender. Britain has a rich heritage of assimilating peoples wishing to live on these shores and it is the UDP’s intention that this should continue.

However, the UDP will not be unwilling to tackle issues of numbers living here and the balance which has to be struck on how we support those people.  The prosperity of the nation depends on people’s ability to work and prosper, and equal weight will be given to employer and employees in establishing a fair working relationship.  

As far as it is possible the UDP will support and work with the European Union and indeed the rest of the world on tackling problems of a common nature, but the inability to put Britain’s interest paramount did seriously call into question the desirability to remain in a union that increasingly wishes to dictate Britain's social policies. The UDP expects Britain to have the final say on the operation of its constitutional laws.



The UDP accepts that many peoples here from different cultural backgrounds often have different emphasis of food and clothing etc. However, a priority will be given to the upholding of the culture that has developed on these islands for hundreds of years. This culture may well change in the course of time but the indigenous peoples of this nation deserve that such change will be at a rate that they are comfortable with and that leftist party ideals such as multiculturalism and political correctness will not be promoted by government against the wishes of the majority. There will be a greater emphasis on people using their common sense and common humanity to overcome the normal problems of integration...