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This approach will eliminate strong regional bias, but also fit in well with the devolution that already exists, allowing some areas to determine specific policies of concern only to them. Importantly, running alongside this will be similar referendums at local government level, ending the system of local government being under the dominant influence of central government thereby excluding the wishes of local people.  This will introduce, at last, genuine democracy into local politics so that communities really will dictate local policy through the ballot box. If local resident groups could gain council seats and take control as has happened in Henley-on-Thames and then work together using the UDP as a uniting force we could quickly change local & national politics.



The UDP believes that giving the population sufficient information and trusting in their common sense rather than allowing a political elite to dictate divisive social reforms will recreate a willingness for an increasingly disenfranchised population to take an active role in politics once more. The UDP is of the opinion that radical changes are now needed in the way we govern our country if we are not to slide into a dystopian society of the few rich and powerful governing the great majority who remain poor and powerless.


                            Will you join us to bring about these changes?