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             The UDP holds that centrist politics has failed to deliver prosperity to most of the British public as may be obvious from the financial crisis and its aftermath. It has also caused a great deal of division within British society with its social manipulation based on a liberal utopian dream that the world can be put to rights if suitable social reforms are enforced and resources allocated. This unrealistic thinking by a bancrupt nation has infected  Labour, Conservative  and the Liberal parties.  


 This crusade to nurture greater compliancy to politically correct thinking has reduced the role of the individual in society by handing extra power over to what moves towards a  more totalitarian style of government. By enlarging the amount that government does on behalf of its citizens, it manages to produce an increasingly dependent and servile population whilst eroding British democracy that has taken centuries to develop.


The UDP sees the solution to this situation is to break the grip of middle-road politics and establish a new alliance between the productive working class and the employing upper class to create a mutual cooperation to lift Britain out of the huge deficit and debt it has allowed itself to sink into over the last 30 years or so.  Most of the middle class, whose living standards have markedly declined in recent years, should also prosper under this arrangement.


Although class is still very much part of society's setup, the UDP will not allow dogmatic or ideological class bias to determine its policies but will strive to keep the whole of the social spectrum working together for the prosperity of the nation.  The UDP's emphasis on individual responsibility will be required to respond to an increase in the democracatic process of government. Once the UDP is established, all new major legislation will be voted on with up-to-date referendums requiring majority voting of both the number of votes cast and carried by the majority of counties .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Cont. on P.3 bobo